Best LED Grow Lights 2018: Apollo Horticulture GL80X


The Apollo Horticulture 400W LED grow light measures 13.2 inches long by 13.2 inches wide by 3.75 inches deep, and weighs 15 pounds. The panel contains 80 5W LED chips, which are easy to replace should the bulbs stop working. The package includes a 6.6-feet power cord, a set of 19-inch stainless steel hanging clips for easy installation, and an instruction pamphlet.

This Apollo Horticulture 400W grow light emits full spectrum light, from 430nm all the way up to 730nm, so you know your plants are getting all the light wavelengths they need to grow and produce lots of bud. The LED bulbs have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, so you won’t need to buy a new one for a while. This grow light also comes with a 2-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong within that time you can get it fixed for free.


The main reason why the Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED is one of the best LED grow lights is its coverage. In the panel there are a mix of 90-degree and 120-degree viewing angles, which minimizes darker areas and creates an overlapping coverage of 2.5 square feet during the flowering stage (3 square feet during the vegetative stage). This grow light produces about 10,800 lumens, which gives it the brightness and canopy penetration that will help your marijuana plants grow fast and strong.

Another advantage of the Apollo Horticulture 400W grow light is that it runs cool. Its integrated cooling system is composed of two large 4.5-inch cooling fans and heat sinks which both work to reduce the running temperature of the light. This means that the light can be hung closer to the canopy, providing brighter, more direct light for you plants.

The Apollo Horticulture 400W LED grow light is one of the best LED grow lights on the market because, even though it is small, it still produces full spectrum light for your marijuana plants. The powerful 5W diodes are responsible for this, as well as the 90 and 120-degree viewing angles. It is small, so it would be perfect for growers who don’t have a lot of vertical space in their grow area.


As for hanging height, most growers say that anywhere between 18 and 22 inches above the canopy works well, although some claim that they still obtained good results with the light hung at 36 inches above the canopy. The only thing to watch out for is hanging the light too close to your plants, as this could bleach them white and dry them out.

Apollo Horticulture have really upped their game with the GL80X5LED grow light. Its small size does not detract from its powerful, full spectrum light and its great coverage. This grow light’s efficiency and ease of use are what makes it one of the best LED grow lights of 2018. If you are looking for grow tent,you can check top products here

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Happy growing!

Things You Risk by Not Repairing Your Vehicle’s Glass Immediately

Car repairs can get some of us when we are off-guard, but they are quite important. That is why it is a huge risk foregoing a repair, just get it done and be on the safe side. You and your passengers might be at greater risk than you might think if you do not get that vehicle glass repaired.

Cracks and chips may be a dangerous affair if they get to the safety layer of the windshield. This is because on impact, like a collision, the windshield will not be able to withstand greater impact and you as the driver will be in danger.

A standard windshield is comprised of two transparent glass layers that are stuck to a vinyl resin in the middle. This helps to hold the glass together and avoid it from flying all over the place when a collision occurs. Shreds of glass all over the place can cause serious cuts on those in the car and even death in some cases. The

The windshield offers the car with structural support, this might be seen when the roof of a car that has its windshield properly maintained fails to collapse. This is because the windshield prevents it from collapsing and harming you when you are in it.

Lastly, not repairing a glass vehicle will be putting you at risk of having an overhaul of a replacement. The damage may extend to a point where you might just have to dig deep into your pocket and get a new windshield or even a side glass. This would not have been the case had you gotten that glass checked early enough.

To avoid all the above risks and dangers you can get onsite auto glass repair Suwanee and your safety will be guaranteed. They will do a perfect job in returning your windshield to its original condition and prevent any other harm from befalling you had you not taken the initiative. You can either get a repair or a glass replacement depending on the level of severity of the vehicle’s glasses.

Having your vehicle glass in good condition is not only safe but also gives you that relaxed feeling when you drive your car. Unlike before you will be able to enjoy those evening drives and even will not dread the idea of the authorities being on your case. Most importantly you will be fully safe!

Things You Should Know about Windshield Replacement

Do you have windshield trouble for your car; a crack that seems to be extending across the length, a chip or it simply just needs to be replaced? You should worry less and let the experts handle that.

Windshield replacement costs relatively more among most other auto glass services. Repairs cost less obviously, but a replacement ensures that the issue is dealt with once and for all. You can even get a better windshield that will last long for your car.

You could be seeking for affordable windshield repair Lawrenceville, GA. First of all, should get professional services at prices that will not require you to dig deep into your pockets. Do not your expectations compromised just because the prices are affordable to you. There are experts that can go way beyond your desires at affordable prices. They are also highly reliable in for your sake and are just a call away.

The best adhesives that might be provided are not cheap and you will have to dig deep into your pocket. However, they offer value for your money and you will not have to go for repairs soon. It is also advisable not to go for shortcuts when it comes to quality and safety; if you can get the money and have the job done in a better way!

Windshield replacement can come to you as these experts understand that you might be stuck somewhere that you might not be able to get to them. They will get to you in no time, assess the situation and do the necessary repairs.

You should know that your safety and that of the passengers in the car you are driving depend on the windshield. It is therefore important that you have it installed properly as per safety standards.

You should get a proper understanding of the different types of auto glass and their traits. There can be a generic or original equipment glass; the repair shop should be able to put that across to you. This will help you bargain for quality for your car that will be in good condition in no time.

The car windshield is among the most sensitive yet important parts of your car. It is however vulnerable to debris, projectiles and even cracks when you for a ride on bad roads. Bad weather can also cause your windshield to be damaged and hence you will need it to be worked on.

The Best Thing about Hippie Lifestyle

Living a hippie lifestyle is among the most fun ways of living your life. Most teenagers and young adults find this way of lifestyle quite comfortable and enjoying. Most of whom begin living a hippie lifestyle out of curiosity ended up being excited and adapt to this way of life.

To live a hippie lifestyle and be noticed as a hippie, you actually have to look like a hippie. In some cases, you have to be a hippie diehard! This will be seen in the way you dress, speak and even the way you talk.

In matters concerning clothes, hippies are not that much into what brands of clothes they are wearing. They do not enjoy going to malls and buying designer clothes and all that. Their life is simple as is what they have for clothes. Thrift shops are where you would find hippies looking for clothes that will help them fit in.

You should go for a store that does its research about the hippie lifestyle quite well. From back in the 70’s until the present day, the history of the hippie lifestyle has undergone quite a number of advances; the store you go should be able to keep you up with the trends.

Fashion accessories should not be forgotten even as you get hippie clothes. Jewelry can be gotten in a good hippie store at the right price and quality ones at that. You should watch out for those stores that stuff their shelves with fake items and avoid them.

You can even discover cool items that you might have never heard of yet they are hippie goods. These collections can only be found from a well-equipped hippie store that does its collection fairly well.

You can also customize your home to have that hippie feeling that you are so much attached to. you can get posters for your wall and tapestries to get the job done. Precious stones and crystals can also brighten your home to look hippie. You can even get that positive feeling in the air by using quality and strong incense.

You can get hippie goods in Des Moines for your homes and even for clothing. You will get all popular hippie jewelry, fashion accessories and even decorations to make your home look like a hippie’s lair. A good store should be able to get you all the hippie goods you are looking for under one roof and at the right prices.

The hippie lifestyle is quite an exciting one, with all the type of clothes and even the positive energy. If you decide to go, hippie, get the right outfit and even eat the right food.

The hippie lifestyle is a good way for teens to live their life as it is both simple and enjoyable. Hippies attend festivals and are some of the most social groups you can find out there. They are all about the outdoor lifestyle and having it easy. If you want to live a hippie life, you have to dress like one; aviator glasses and other clothes will get the job done.

The Access Director Technology: What is it for?

You probably came across with Microsoft software development applications especially if you encountered issues with your Microsoft operating systems like Windows 10. These Microsoft problems are common flaws of the system that has to be addressed. It can affect your work performance and cause poor productivity. The purpose of Microsoft software development applications is to give a solution to critical Microsoft vulnerabilities. And, that is what the Access Director tries to offer.

The Access Director is one of the top choice software applications created by a reputable developer of web applications. This technology is an intuitive solution to Microsoft vulnerabilities. It removes 90 percent of complex Microsoft flaws without limiting user rights. In addition, it supports in optimizing work performance helping to boost productivity.

Anyone can use the Access Director. Here is the most important situation wherein you must get this technology.

Hackers Attack

One of the grave impacts of Microsoft vulnerabilities is the attack of hackers. These flaws let your system susceptible to hackers using remote code execution, tampering or via your Internet Explorer browser. These pitfalls of Microsoft allow the hackers to gain access to the system wherein they can take control, manipulate data or steal confidential information.

The function of Access Director is to guarantee that your system remains secure from these attacks. The features of this application encompass active directory integration, central reporting, full support and monitoring of elevated files, installed software and uninstall the software. Using these features helps you to keep track of your system and monitor who changed certain data.

Windows Operating Systems

If you are currently using any Windows system from Windows X, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 10 you are 100 percent vulnerable to hackers attack. Therefore, make sure to give a solution to this problem by using the Access Director. With this, you can mitigate security concerns before it gets worse. Also, Access Director supports the success of your work.


The Access Director is compatible with any computer system. This solution to Microsoft vulnerabilities is also applicable to MAC OS X. If you are using this program, Access Director can keep your data secured at all cost. Additionally, it is easy to manage this software development application in this program. You can visit this source for inspiration on Access Director in MAC OS X.

So, how can you get started with Access Director?

Follow this source to request for a demo. Likewise, visit this site to check out the latest explanatory videos about Access Director.

What to Look for When Replacing Auto Glass

The safety of the passengers and driver rely on the car’s windshield. A simple crack and hole may turn into a huge problem forsaking the security of people riding the vehicle. Thus, if you see scratches, cracks, and other damages on your windshield, immediately look for a replacement or have it repaired.

Choosing the right company to have your auto glass problems fixed can be overwhelming, especially for people with no experience with replacing or repairing auto glass. But of course, be careful about what you choose and whom to deal with. Not all auto glass centers can deliver what you need and what you look for. Thus, to guide you on your search, here are some important tips when seeking for the best commercial auto glass services Suwanee.

#1 Guaranteed Quality Auto Glass

When browsing for an auto glass service center, check out first if they offer auto glass with an AGSC certification. The Auto Glass Safety Council is an agency that performs rigorous testing to auto glass and service centers. The agency only provides certification to shops and products that have passed the examination and met the Federal Safety Standards. You can identify which shops have this certification by browsing the web portal of AGSC.

#2 Deal with Licensed Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Center

Not all auto glass repair and replacement shops around your area have authority to operate. If you happen to encounter one, avoid dealing with them. Service centers with no license to operate do not offer guaranteed quality and safe auto glass. Inasmuch, their services and team are also questionable. Therefore, only deal with an auto glass service that is legal, and carries bond and insurance.

#3 Offers Services in Reasonable Pricing

There is a borderline between affordable and reasonable pricing. Not every single item and services in the market that come at a cheap price is made of quality. The same goes for expensive services and products. That is why you have to be clever in choosing an auto glass service center. Reading reviews is a helpful tactic in learning more about an auto glass repair shop. In addition, do not hesitate to ask questions if you have doubts concerning certain services, terms or products of the service center. Doing so will help to save from trouble and regrettable decisions.

Truthfully, there are several auto glass repair and replacement centers in Suwanee. But if you are searching for the most reliable and well-established shop, view this source right away.