Auto Glass Repair: When Should Your Car Need to Get One?

One of the common confusing parts when it comes to auto glass is debating whether your car needs an auto glass repair or a replacement?

If you are currently having the same dilemma, this post will help you choose between auto glass repair and replacement.

First, it is essential to understand the difference between a chip and a crack on your car’s windshield; these are two forms of glass damages that you should never underestimate. A chip is usually caused by small debris with a strong impact. It is oftentimes characterized by some short crack from the center going outward; it may look like:

•    A complete bulls-eye (circular form)
•    A partial bulls-eye (half-moon form)
•    A crack chip (a small crack)

A crack, on the other hand, is characterized by a distinct line that may range from an inch and even bigger; however, that depends on the severity of the impact that had caused the crack – typically it may come horizontally, either in a straight or wavey form.

But how can you tell if your car’s windshield is replaceable or repairable?

1. The size of the damage

Choosing between replacing and repairing a crack or chip may depend on the size of the damage. If the size of the damage is between a quarter and three inches, it can be repaired immediately. Fortunately, there are well-equipped and efficient auto glass shops that can do miracle even to a glass crack with a size up to 14 inches. If you are looking for one, the mobile auto glass services in Alpharetta is worth the try.

2. The depth of the damage

The depth of the damage is closely related to the size of the damage. If the size and the depth of the damage have greatly affected the outer and the inner parts of the glass, it is almost impossible to perform windshield repair.

3. The location of the damage

If 60 percent of the structural integrity of the auto glass has been compromised, chances are, it would be too impossible to repair the damage. Plus, if the damage is on the line of the driver’s view, it may cause problems, causing distorted view. Thus, it is wise to replace the windshield rather than repairing it.

Final Thoughts

Whether the auto glass damage is for repair or replace, you must not bypass the fact that your windshield needs wise attention.

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