Best Travel Hacks

It is best to go for an 8 seater car hire than use public transport when you are in a family vacation or taking a trip with a large group of friends because waiting for public transport can ruin your experience. There are many other similar hacks that can make your vacation much more pleasant that you had planned for. This article will explore few such hacks. Hiring a full time vehicle is off course the first thing that you should do in order to enhance the comfort level of your trip. Having your own vehicle helps a lot when you are visiting a place which does not have a very well developed public transport or private taxi agents are not very welcoming. It is preferable to hire an 8 seater vehicle if you have a large group because large group are very difficult to manage through public transport. The other advantage of car hire is that you can go to whatever place you want at a time that is convenient to you.


If you are planning for a long vacation then securing a cheap and convenient place to stay is also advisable. Staying in hotel is convenient but expensive also, hence you should try to find out a place which is not very luxurious but cheaper. There are many travel websites that help you in doing so. In fact staying in remote locations helps you enjoy the place better. At the cost of repetition, you should hire your own vehicle if you are planning to stay in a private house because you will not have public transport accessible.

Many long-time tourists have opined that while going on a vacation you should always plan to visit those places which are not overly visited by tourists. For this, you will have to research about the place very well before you actually visit it. You should find out the places that are very good but not visited by tourists. These places are usually very good as they are not heavily polluted by tourists. If you are novice tourist then you should plan read blog from experienced tourists. Some of the famous tourists maintain a website where in they talk about these secret sites.

Above mentioned hacks and many more can make your vacation experience unforgettable. We have many more such tricks in our bag that you can explore on our future blogs.