Determine the Crack Type of Your Windshield

There can be many reasons a windshield can be cracked or damaged completely. And it is important to know whether you need it replaced or just repaired.


Ding or Chip

This is the most common type of damage to the windshield or any window of the car. It can be caused by small rocks or debris on the road that hits the glass with force. It is a chip when a tiny piece of glass is removed where the material has hit it. This kind of damage can easily be repaired. But, you have to have it repaired immediately before it gets worse and you would need to have the whole windshield replaced.

Cracked Chip

This could happen when the glass is impacted with a much stronger force and a harder material. A single crack appears on the glass of about an inch or even smaller. This kind of damage can also be dealt with by repair. If for instance, you do not have the time to get it fixed right away, you can use a tape to temporarily cover it so it won’t get contaminated. Contamination from dust and strong chemicals can cause the minute crack to spread.

Bull’s Eye

This happens when a bigger rock or even a ball hits the glass with much force. It is bigger than a ding and it can usually be repaired. However, if there is too much glass chipped off from the window, you would need the windshield replaced.

Combination Break

Dings and cracks can be seen in different areas of the glass. This could happen when the window gets hit with several rocks or debris. Small dings and cracks can be repaired the same ways as they would individually. But, if the breaks are too deep then a replacement is required.

Edge and Floater Cracks

A crack that starts from the edge usually spreads almost immediately and can get as long as twelve inches. In this case, a complete replacement should be done. But, if the crack starts from the middle, as in floater crack, it would not need a replacement if repair is done immediately.

Stress Crack

The pressure from temperature inside and outside the car can weaken the glass. If the car is parked under the sun for too long, the heat would stay inside until the air conditioning is turned on. The sudden change in temperature would stress the glass, causing it to weaken. Small, unnoticeable cracks would form in different parts of the windshield. If untended, the cracks would deepen and a replacement would be needed. In case you are looking for the best repair or replacement shop, you can checkĀ our auto glass replacement services.