Ways of Preventing Entry of Termites

Termites are small organisms that feed on wood. They have been existing in the world for millions of years and have caused a lot property damages. Apart from wood, they also feed on plants, carpets, and clothes. It has been recorded that that they are capable of destroying a whole house in just two years. According to experts, termites are at its highest during the spring season. Such is due to the fact that it is the season wherein they mate and produce new colonies. Thus, if they are present in a property, they can build different colonies in different locations of the property.


Since termites can cause a lot of damages, it is apparent that people should learn how to prevent their occurrence. The first thing that people should consider is the exterior of their properties since such can be an area where termites can enter. Termites, like molds and mildews, love places that are moist. Thus, people should make sure that their roofs are free from leaks wherein water can enter. Similarly, the ducts of the air-conditioning units should be far from the foundation of the property. That is important in order to ensure that the winged insects will not enter the main foundation of the property.

The attic is also an area wherein termites can be found or stay for a long period of time. Such is due to the fact that the beams of the properties are placed in them. Since the area is a common storage place, people are recommended to use plastic containers. Using boxes can attract termites. Likewise, it is advisable that people call an expert to put a termite barrier in the beams. Such can also be done for roofs and floors. However, such should be placed before installing the roofs. Thus, owners should make sure that they are ready to deal with the cost and inconvenience it may bring them. Nevertheless, such technique has proven to be very effective for years.

In situations wherein people choose to use wooden furniture, they should make sure that such is positioned in an area far from the walls. When hanging clothes in the laundry room, people should also make sure that they are hanged away from the walls and further from the floors. As mentioned above, termites love to thrive on moist areas. Thus, people should also make sure that their properties are free from pipe, sink, and toilet leaks. In case people suspect or want to know if their property has termites, it always advisable to seek the help of termite inspection Adelaide professionals.