Where to Find the Best Exotic Restaurants

Going out on a dinner date, especially for the first few times, requires a lot of planning. It’s all about making the evening as perfect as possible. However, one key detail that might botch an otherwise romantic night out would be the quality of the food served at the restaurant. More so if the restaurant supposedly prides itself in delivering the best experience in foreign cuisine. This mishap can be avoided by including the choice of restaurant in the preparation. After all, one can’t depend on advertisements to assess a restaurant’s food or service. Here are some of the best places to find exotic restaurants.


  1. Food blogs.

With personal blogs scattered all across the Internet, it’s fortunate that quite a lot of them have travel and food as their choice of subject. These two subjects go hand in hand most of the time because foreign cuisine is a window to another country’s culture. Having a taste of food fromĀ Peruvian cuisines, for example, can introduce unfamiliar yet flavorful meals that reflect a culture’s food preferences in accordance to ingredients that are available to them. People who maintain food and travel blogs are passionate in reviewing, so it’s best to check one out.

  1. Review sites.

While blogs offer a more personal and contextual opinion of a particular restaurant, most of the time, it’s also worth going to review sites that has an extensive collection of reviews from numerous customers. With review sites serving as a hub of opinions, it’s easy to determine restaurant’s performance because it’s shown in quantifiable statistics. Ratings are valuable for businesses so be on the lookout for reviews that might look forced and unenthusiastic. Put more attention to reviews that are more personal. Look for exclamation points. Look for reviewers who are raging mad about bad service or ones who are too excited to tell everyone about the restaurant’s impeccable menu.

  1. Take the plunge and go in blind.

Nothing beats going to a restaurant and experiencing the quality of their service and menu firsthand. Yes, there’s a risk about it turning out to be disappointing. But there’s also the other side of the coin. Getting adventurous and sharing the experience with a lovely date can be a great way to make the dinner more memorable. If the restaurant fails to meet expectations, then turn it into a positive thing and make it a point of discussion to never go back there. Or leave a scathing review.